Finally, A Graduate: Musings and Perspectives

Being an undergraduate is maybe the most defining moment of our lives. noway mind that it might take five to six times to get a four- time degree, or as in my case, seven and still counting to come a counsel, it offers measureless openings. From gemütlichkeit to perspectives to security, frequently, those times allow you to learn how to live on your terms.

Of course, with the pros comes the cons — fun brings misgivings, freedom demands liabilities, and some halls of hearthstone requires you to find your way to the unqualified tabernacle in your first many months because you ca n’t bring yourself to use the restroom. Anyhow, there’s no better time to be alive. Believe me; nothing tops crying at the top of your voice in your hall of hearthstone at 132 am with your guys knowing you can impale( miss) class the coming day without any influence. Or better, staying for Desmond’s spagwa after contributing only fellowship to the constituents. Or falling into a gutter on your way to Awo and being reminded every 14 working days for the rest of your undergraduate studies. awful times, beautiful times!
Still do n’t believe life gets harder after your undergraduate days? Just imagine the rògbòdìyàn( hassles) of having to go to work five days a week, continually. Of course, your 9 – 5 is just another way to say 5 – 9, and your weekends belong to the “ When the need arises ” or “ when necessary ” in your employment contract. You go still hustle creation and career developmento. Phew, I go you ca n’t stay!

But bite because it takes tolerance to grasp the numerous assignments your undergraduate experience teaches you. While you can be like me and learn some of these assignments near to scale or after graduating, you might want to start making the right choices beforehand on. Not that it’s too late to start in your final time, but seven Ballon d’Or is better than five — yea, I’m platoon Messi. So, you might want to start earlier and prepare for life outside academy. And that’s not an reason not to have fun.
You see, there’s enough time in Uni, a crazy quantum of time to do all you ask . So, you can be a baddie kóo dẹ̀ wà ní first class, of course, tí orí ẹ bá gbé ìwé. No go do pass yourself, oh. This is maybe the most important thing as you navigate your undergraduate experience. I did n’t learn this until latterly, so I arrived from a competition three days before my test week. Of course, I failed!

But that’s a story for another day. In the meantime, then are some assignments I ’ve learned these once many times, some particular consummations, and others participated assignments.
I seldomly write particular pieces for colorful reasons — sharing is n’t my thing, jotting is stressful, and kò sí alleviation. But, of course, my reason has been I find it delicate to write anything I ’m not getting paid for. While that sounds credible, it also sums up the constant passions of mistrustfulness and query about whether I can write an emotional piece like those I respect. We all feel the same way( forgive me if you do n’t), and while some of us find creative ways to cover up our lack of confidence, we all struggle and fail. Do n’t ever suppose you ’re alone.

You see me preparing a friend for an interview, and you suppose, wow, he’s just so good. Lol, stay till I ’m the one getting canvassed — e no dey sweet for my mouth like that. You hear I won a competition, I formerly lost five before also. He’s doing well with work; I hope they told you I completed another 90 job operations and did n’t get a reply. I’m not alone, I know this, you also do, but that does n’t make it easier. After all, you see others record big triumphs and wonder when it’s your turn or whether it’ll ever be your turn.
The hard verity is, it might noway be your turn, and you might noway record a palm that big, ever. still, that does n’t make your life any less emotional. I ’d argue that occasionally the measure of greatness is thickness rather than intensity. While having both is ideal, those small triumphs count for commodity. They ’re monuments that you can continue to put in the work and anticipate results, that you ’re worth commodity, and that giving up is n’t an option. further, those you look up to have failed more times than they can imagine, and that palm making their trip so emotional would n’t have arrived if they gave up.

So, keep going, really; just keep doing your thing and chancing ways to ameliorate. A friend would remark that you ca n’t be unlucky for 365 days. Let’s make that 3650, or as long as you need to keep going to get your big break!
Please do n’t cheat in an test or test, allowing it’s forfeiture to copy. While I ca n’t speak for other seminaries, if you ’re in the University of Ibadan and you ’re caught, na ham, na ham! But then’s my point — reproduction is God’s gift to humanity.

generally, there’s this hunt to be unique, creative, and innovative. While I’ve no problem with this, occasionally, utmost times, it’s just better to stick to what works and get results. The world only cares about results, and while you might have time to explain that you were trying to be creative after failing, nothing has the time to hear. You failed. So, it’s better to get results and seek creativity from a place of strength.
You see, if Picasso or da Vinci drew nothing on a board, it’s an art, but not you. You ’re just another artist without alleviation. So, you might just want to paint your imagination of yourself if you must be creative. For case, if you ’re in your first time, ask what works within your faculty.

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