Horror Short: Demonic Tale Midnight Talk


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As a grandfather clock tick-tocks past midnight, a young woman turns to her aunt and confesses: she’s certain there’s a malevolent presence in the room with them. Instead of trying to talk her down, the elderly woman reveals she’s quite aware of what’s lurking in the shadows… and how to deal with it. Or does she?

Midnight Talk | Demonic Horror Short about Loss

Short of the Week brought horror short Midnight Talk to our attention; it’s a French-Australian co-production written and directed by Raffael Oliveri, whose director’s statement is as follows: “We’ve all experienced at one time or another in our lives the strange sensation of being watched. We walk down a dark corridor, or turn our backs to sleep. It’s something nagging for our attention, when we are all alone and find ourselves suddenly and unreasonably hyper vigilant. What makes us feel like we’re being observed, even when there is no watcher? What threat are we sensing?”

The cast includes Senie Priti as Sarah, Felicity Steel as Lyn (with Hannah McAtamney as the younger Lyn), and Rohanna Hayes as Sarah’s mother.

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