Team & Personal Productivity w/ CEO Aye Moah


The CEO of Boomerang talks about productivity, team-building, successful meetings, and creating a “Guiding Principles” book for your team.

Aye Moah, CEO and Co-Founder of Boomerang joins us in this episode. If you’ve ever read any list of “ productivity tools and apps online, someone always mentions Boomerang, for good reason. Aye Moah shares her favorite productivity apps, how she prioritizes, and her morning routine.

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  • Who is Aye, what is Boomerang and how did it start? [5:05]
  • What were some other problems Aye was seeing besides snoozing? [8:42]
  • How does Boomerang vary from standard booking systems? [13:47]
  • How does Aye figure out how she should be spending her time throughout the day? [17:13]
  • How does Aye suggest dealing with conflicting orders from leadership? [23:17]
  • What is Aye’s planning routine like? [33:39]
  • What is Aye’s morning routine, and how does it help her get through the day? [37:38]
  • What are Aye’s tips for raising a toddler? [41:49]
  • How does Aye think about making meetings more productive? [43:29]
  • What are Aye’s general tips for getting on top of your e-mails? [48:49]
  • Action step you can take to integrate today’s topic into your life [55:24]


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