The Right Way of Binge-watching Netflix

I know what you’re allowing!

“ Is n’t binge- watching supposed to be a bad thing? commodity that kills smartness and births shiftlessness? So how can there be a right way to binge- watch commodity? ”
Well, there is, if you hear me out. I ’m not one of those people who’ll encourage you to be productive all the time. I ’m the contrary. I ’ll tell you to be active all the time. And there’s a difference between both. You can learn all about it then.

My mantra is do n’t work more than demanded. Life isn’t all about work. Neither it’s all about being productive all the time. I do n’t like to record every nanosecond of my day to the point where I can go to the restroom only if it’s permitted by my schedule. I want the freedom to pee whenever I want and whenever my body demands it. That’s my right!
All I ’m saying is to live a good and balanced life you should embrace both productive andnon-productive times. Being productive all the time will make you crazy and beingnon-productive all the time will make you dumb.

Be both crazy and dumb but balance it with smartness and vibrance. And it’s possible when you give time for both productive andnon-productive conditioning. Balance is the key then.
The problem with binge- watching is you get obsessed over it. It feels like, watching what will be next in the missing life of those characters from the series is more important than what’s passing right now in your existent life.

A binge- watch is cool only if you do it eventually. If you’re doing it every day it’s just an dependence . As dangerous as smoking.

Then’s how I binge- watch series without letting them take over my life, productivity, and reason.

Fun Friday
Every Friday is blocked for a Binge watch. I work from Monday- Thursday. Being a freelancer and solopreneur, I get to set my workdays. And so I settled on 4 day work week. I work hard on those 4 days without distractions. And so when I set out to enjoy my 3 days weekend, I do n’t feel shamefaced binge- watching, sleeping, and just goofing around.

Every Friday I pick one series or a movie marathon to watch. I make my favorite snacks like popcorn and garlic chuck
. I order pizza and a cold drink. And enjoy my watch time.
Since I ’m not stealing my work time, family time, or me time it feels stimulating and comforting. I get to enjoy carousing without fussing and without feeling shamed.

I turned it into a special event rather of just one of those effects I do daily. I indeed have special comfy pajamas that I wear every Friday. I love idealizing life and everything I do. And this is one of those effects.

Saturday- Sunday I spend time with my family. I go out and hang out with musketeers. I do daily chores, cuisine, and cleaning. I eat, sleep, suppose and blink.

And so when Monday comes I ’m completely charged emotionally, physically, and mentally. each ready to take over the world. My productivity situations are always at their peak those 4 days.

I do n’t watch any pictures or series during the rest of the week. Especially Monday- Thursday. I cancel apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar every Sunday evening. And reinstall them every Friday morning.

I hustle hard Monday- Thursday and also I let my mind machine rest for 3 days. That’s how I strike the balance between both productive andnon-productive times. And that’s what keeps me stable and in good mood throughout the week.

Try casting a analogous routine for yourself. trial for 30 days. Notice the changes in your productivity situations, moods, and mindset. You do n’t have to set aside a whole day. Find out what’s suitable for you, and what works for you. Sculpt out some special time every week devoted only to binge- watching.

Do n’t feel bad, shamefaced or shamed spending time doing effects you love. If you love binge- watching do it. But do it the right way. Do n’t get obsessed over it. “ Netflix and bite ” sounds cool but you know what’s cooler than carousing Netflix every day?

Binging life!

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