Leading With Heart w/ Executive Coach Edward Sullivan


In this episode, I’m excited to welcome Edward Sullivan, who has been coaching and advising start-up founders, Fortune 10 executives, and heads of state for over 15 years.

His clients include executives from Google, Salesforce, Slack, and dozens of other fast-growth companies. Edward is CEO & President of Velocity, which is an executive coaching consultancy.

Edward is ALSO the co-author with John Baird of a new book called LEADING WITH HEART: 5 Conversations That Unlock Creativity, Purpose, and Results.

We’re going to get into a lot in this episode, but the main theme I want to explore is: How do we help OTHERS get their best results?

So much productivity advice involves “personal productivity”, but let’s face it — so much of what we do relies on other people.

Even if you are not an executive or a “capital-L” Leader, there will be something in this episode for you.

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  • What led Edward to becoming an executive coach? [3:02]
  • What differentiates middle-level executives from top-level executives in Edward’s opinion? [4:47]
  • What is Edward’s advice to rising leaders to reach for that next level? [7:15]
  • How do heart-led companies and fear-led companies compare? [10:37]
  • What’s the best way to switch from an answering leadership style to a coaching leadership style? [13:58]
  • How does Edward coach people who are not naturally inclined to help others? [24:45]
  • How does Edward help people overcome the fear of change? [27:10]
  • What are “blind sets” and how can they be de-railing? [29:16]
  • How does Edward uncover the true gifts and strengths of his clients when coaching? [31:51]
  • What are Edward’s tips for finding purpose in what you do? [34:46]
  • Action step you can take to integrate today’s topic into your life [37:57]


Connect with Edward Sullivan

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